Is there any website or dictionary type thing where we can find more words to describe complex characters like Hamlet, Faustus? For non-native English speakers it's a challenging thing.

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Yes, what you need is a good edition of Roget's Thesaurus. There you can look up whatever word occurs to you and find many synonyms. For example, Hamlet is often referred to as indecisive. The listing for "indecisive" in my Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus gives the following synonyms: uncertain, indefinite, astraddle, changeable, doubtful, faltering, halting, hemming and hawing, hesitant, hesitating, hot and cold, inconclusive, indeterminate, irresolute, of two minds,s on the fence, tentative, unclear, undecided, undetermined, uneventful, unsettled, unstable, vacillating, waffling, wavering, weak-kneed, wishy-washy.

Then if you want more words you can look up "tentative" or "hesitant" or whatever. This is a good way to add to your English vocabulary. I guess all editors and writers refer to Roget's from time to time, if only for the sake of variety. But you should get a good edition. Many books are called Roget's Thesaurus, but some are skimpy. My copy has 962 pages. I prefer to look into my own mind when I want a word, but that doesn't always work. Sometimes a single word can say more than a whole sentence.

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