The Garden of Eden

by Ernest Hemingway

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Is there any way to find what was published of the 2nd half of The Garden of Eden? Only the first half was published because the second half was never completed. However, I am very interested in the second half of the story. Is there any way that I can find whatever was completed of the second half?

Expert Answers

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Part Two, as you say, exists only in fragments.  I would suggest that for additional information you post a message to the Hemingway List-serv, a feature of the Hemingway Society.  I have been a member for some time (it is free) and the scholars who participate are incredibly knowledgeable.  A couple even knew Hemingway personally.

One caveat:  pose your question in an intelligent, thoughtful manner.  Many will kindly answer you if ask considerately.  I have seen others ignored who do not. 

A link to the site appears below.  You need only provide a user id and email address.

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