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Is there any way to download the detailed chapter summaries?    Every time I try to download the file - there is only a short summary of the first and second part of the book, but not the detailed summary chapter by chapter. I don't want to spend so much time copying and pasting the single chapters summaries.  

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Since you are a premium subscriber to enotes, you do have access to all of the chapter summaries.  These summaries are very valuable when studying a book.  There are essentially two ways you can access the summaries.  You can also download notes for the whole book, which contain whole book summaries but not chapter by chapter summaries.

First, you can go to enotes on the web and read a chapter or group of chapters at a time.  I can see how this could be cumbersome if you want to study the summaries in detail.  However, it is useful because...

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dada2012 | Student

Dear litteacher8,


first of all thanks a lot for your detailed response. I use enotes quite often and till now every time I downloaded a study guide, for instance "Macbeth" - the pdf-document included all the detailed chapter summaries and analysis that I could access online. Therefore I thought it might be a mistake that this time the detailed summaries were not part of the pdf file. 

A do have the "adobe acrobat pro extended" and I search the pdf-files for particular key words on my laptop.

I live in Germany and Ipads are not as popular here as they are in the United States, so I don't have one.

I have realised that the whole book summary is very detailed, that's why I am so willing to download it. It looks like I would have to copy and paste it from enotes into a word-file.

Thanks a lot.