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Is there is any type of allergy medication I can take besides Benadryl? I cannot touch any type of adhesive including envelopes, postage stamps, and labels.  When I do, I break out in hives.  They can become so severe they blister and I need to go to bed for 3-4 days with ice packs on my hands.  I don't like prednisone but need something.  Any suggestions would be greatly helpful!

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I feel badly for you as I know allergies are not fun!  Let me tell you what happened to me and see if it helps.

Recently, I developed the "itchies" almost overnight!  But, in reality, it had slowly crept up on me until it was bad enough to really notice it.  It seemed like spiders were crawling all over me, my skin was dry, my nails brittle, little red, blister-like spots started showing up all over my arms, legs, and abdomen, and my hair was falling out. I tried creams, ointments, soda and epsom salt baths, changed my diet, and still got little or no relief! 

Finally, after three miserable months, I went to a naturopath my husband recommended.  The naturopath told me that all allergies and skin problems can be traced back to improper indigestion and that the skin is a good indicator of how healthy I was.  Because I wasn't digesting my food properly, it sat in my system, putrified, and released toxins that my body wasn't able to get rid of.  It affected everything, especially my skin. 

He tested me and found out I had a stomach virus, parasites in my intestines, inadequate digestive enzymes in my stomach and small intestine, and a congested liver.  He got me started on a regimen of herbal formulas made by Standard Process.  Within days, I started cleansing and sloughing off all the toxins and built-up residue in my intestines!  My skin looks better already, but it's going to take a good 2-3 months to completely clear it up. 

I firmly believe the only way to cure skin allergies is from the inside out.  All those topical creams do is treat the symptoms not the cause.  If you believe in alternative types of medicine, I recommend you find a doctor in your area who practices the applied kinesiology method.  It's non-invasive, painless, and pretty accurate!  Through it, your doctor can see what's wrong on the inside and start you on a regimen of vitamins and nutritional supplements that will lead to your recovery!  I guarantee you will once again be able to use Band-aids and lick a stamp! 

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