are there any summary and analysis for the first 10 chapters for the book "the present darkness" separate from each chapter ?

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While eNotes has only a general summary, and there does not seem to be any on the internet, the book itself is available online at such websites as Scribd which costs very little for a subscription. This novel certainly has an engaging story from the beginning, and is a fairly easy read, so you should not deprive yourself of the enjoyment of reading it yourself. Here is a summary of Chapter One:

The town of Ashton celebrates its Summer Festival, the town yearly "exercise in frivolity" where student at Whitmore College engage in revelry.  In the midst of this carnival two strange visitors, strongly built and seven feet tall, stand under the full moon searching for a young woman. When they locate her amid the crowd, they sidle up to her, but the girl is disinterested in them until one points out the shadows moving stealthily behind a carnival booth. As her camera bulb flashes, the men depart for their next appointment.

On top of Morgan Hill, a mile past the center of town, the men approach a small white church. From this point they watch and sense "a special kind of evil." Slipping behind the church, they peek out to watch as something horrible approaches,

Its leering, bulbous eyes reflected the stark blue light of the full moon with their own jaundice glow. The gnarled head protruded from hunched shoulders and wisps of rancid red breath seethed in labored hisses through rows of jagged fangs.

This creature rears up and its black, clawed hand reaches for the church door. When the door will not open, the monster flaps the membranes on its back and "like an arrow through a target," it streaks through the door. Suddenly, there is an explosion of suffocating vapor; the tall blond man replaces his shining sword as white light around him fades. The other man comments that it is the smallest of spirits of harassment he has yet seen. 

In the church, the two men spot "the little warrior," as they call him, praying. Acknowledging that he will be hurt, as will the newspaper man, they vow to fight. Standing over the small man, there is suddenly a brilliant white light that envelops the tall men as wings appear on them. They minister peace and the man's tears begin to dry.

The following day the newspaper office of the Ashton Clarion is abuzz with efforts to cover the carnival of the night before. As he barks orders to his employees there is a phone call. Edie answers it and chirps hello to Bernice; however, she suddenly changes her tone when she learns she has been put in jail.

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