Are there any similarities between the book Frankenstein and the 1931 movie version?

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Of the two early film adaptations of  FrankensteinThe Bride of Frankenstein, the sequel to the 1931 film, starring Boris Karloff and released in 1935 by Universal, is much more faithful to the novel.

The original Frankenstein starred Colin Clive and Boris Karloff; it was released by Universal in 1931.  This film is largely based on the 1920s play by Peggy Webling rather than the original Shelley text.   The main difference is the monster's speech.  In the book, the monster becomes very eloquent, but in the film he speaks in monosyllabic grunts throughout.  Also, there is no Igor character in the book.  And it's Henry instead of Victor Frankenstein.

Here are the main similarities:

  • Creation of a monster using dead body parts
  • Dr. Frankenstein has a fiancee who is worried about her soon-to-be husband
  • Dr. Frankenstein has a mentor, Dr. Waldman (same as the book, but in the movie he's a consultant in the process)
  • Dr. Frankenstein abondons his creation and is later haunted by him
  • Dr. Frankenstein searches to destroy his creation.



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