Is there any similarity between Copenhagen world summit on Cilame change and the message of the movie 'Avatar' in terms of not to destroy planets?'Avatar' movie is not only a technological wonder...

Is there any similarity between Copenhagen world summit on Cilame change and the message of the movie 'Avatar' in terms of not to destroy planets?

'Avatar' movie is not only a technological wonder to watch and enjoy, instead, warning us to protect our planet from disastrous consequenses of irrational scientific developments vested towards dominance and profits at the cost of our lives , environment and Planet itself. May be the name given as 'Pandora' to an alien planet for fictional purpose in the story yet resembles the primitive times of our earth planet from where our jouirney has begun.It might not have been coincidental that 'Avatar' film was released while the world leaders are fighting to save their emmission cuts at Copenhagen Climate Change Summit now for industrial gains.Everybody should remember before that we should not cut the tree branch on which we are sitting.

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While I suppose it is possible that Cameron is trying to make a political statement with Avatar, I think it is probably more of a coincidence that it was released during the same time as the Summit. If you look back at Cameron's previous works I really do not see a history of any strong political statemnts in his movies. Althought the Terminator did become the "Governator"!

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I think that the answer to whether or not Cameron's film has political implications is largely dependent on whether or not one feels that climate change is a critical issue.  If one sees the issue as a large one and the recent meeting in Copehnagen as a moment in time where the issue must be addressed, then Cameron's film is probably meaningful in terms of climate change.  Yet, if one believes the recent scientists' leaked email that climate change is not that large of an issue, then Cameron's film is probably more of entertainment value without the climate change issue implication.

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Obviously there are similarities in the movie Avatar and the world summit on climate change. What one needs to consider is do the similarities extend beyond the coincidence of common human themes, or is the director James Cameron trying to make a political statement with this sci-fi/fantasy flick. To answer that one should perhaps consider whether Avatar director has made a habit of creating political statements with his movies or merely sought to create good movies.

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They both seem to have the same message that you should respect a planet's environment and one should not be hostile in our actions. While the movie does have a happy ending, I don't believe that the conference deviates from the message that the world has too many competing interests and it is hard to come to some sort of a consensus on anything.