Discuss the potential for a link between health and education.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that more specificity is needed in this particular question.  There is much within health and education.  The first thing I was reminded of was a statement from the educational theorist, Paolo Freire.  Due to impoverished circumstances, Freire was not a very good student.  He was four grades behind the other students, and he explained this disparity in a very interesting way regarding health and education:

I didn't understand anything because of my hunger. I wasn't dumb. It wasn't lack of interest. My social condition didn't allow me to have an education. Experience showed me once again the relationship between social class and knowledge (Freire as qtd in Stevens, 2002).

It is the first couple of sentences that are the most profound in linking health and education, in my mind.  Children who are not able to afford the basic amenities in health can experience profound difficulties in education and their learning.

On another level, I think that a lack of awareness or education on issues related to one's health can naturally have a tremendous impact on how one lives and the lifestyle choices one features.  I think that being able to gain a greater understanding of one's own health issues and learning to take proactive steps through education can help one lead a more healthy and sustainable life.  I think that this is another way where health and education are linked together.

bethlaw | Student

In my opinion, health and education are greatly linked.

If a child grows up never being told of the dangers of smoking, he will likely have no pause to being smoking. On the same basis, if that child is eating poorly at home because his parents eat poorly (whether from lack of health education themselves or the inability to afford healthy alternatives), that child will very likely continue in those eating habits and possibly even cintinue that cycle onto his own children.

On a positive note... if we stress health education in schools, all children have a far better chance of being healthy, no matter their home situation (and they will likely even teach Mom and Dad to eat better and excercise also!).

There is also a responsibility on school systems to provide healthy lunches for children but unfortunately, many schools and entire districts don't have the funding to "upgrade" their food service programs and this is very sad!