Are there any quotes, in Louis Sachar's Holes, that show the theme  "Don't get into trouble; you will get caught?" 

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Louis Sachar's Holes is a novel which realistically depicts a camp for troubled boys. One of the identifiable themes of the novel illustrates the decision to not getting into trouble because one will get caught. While the ideology behind this seems a little backward, one should not desire to get into trouble because it is the right thing to do, in the lives of the boys, this concept keeps them on the correct path (according to the guards). 

There are numerous quotes which speak to this idea. Through both direct quotations and inferred meanings, one can readily identify the idea of not doing things which would cause one to get into trouble. 

First, Maya "had trouble" choosing between Elya and Igor. For Elya, the decision was a wrong one. This decision, to choose Igor, would get her into trouble. 

Later, in a conversation between Armpit, X-Ray and Stanley, Stanley states that he is "not looking for trouble." This illustrates the concept that Stanley is deciding against getting into trouble so that he does not get caught doing something he should not be doing. 

In yet another quote, "Stanley didn't want to cause any trouble for Mr. Pendanski," readers can see how decisions are made in order to keep people out of trouble. 

In one final quote, Stanley is trying to figure out a way to "tell the Warden where the tube was really found, without getting himself or X-Ray into trouble." Here, once again, Stanley's behavior is determined by his consideration as to what will or wil not get him into trouble. 

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