Is there any proof of twin paradox? It is said that there is proof, it was taken in a water tower. I don't believe! I have proof!

astrosonuthird | Student
It is said that time goes slower in gravity. If one brother live in the plains and one brother in the mountains, the one living in high altitude will become older early. Am I right!! Time travels fast on space compared to on earth. I read about it on the book "Briefer History of Time" by Stephen Hawking.
maxim777 | Student

Twin Paradox - a thought experiment by which try to "prove" the inconsistency of special relativity. According to the station, from the point of view of "stationary" observers all processes in moving object is slowing down. On the other hand, the principle of relativity declares equality of inertial reference frames. Based on this reasoning is based, leading to an apparent contradiction. For clarity, consider the story of two twin brothers. One of them (the traveler) goes to space flight, and the second (the stay-at-home) - is over. Most often, the "paradox" is stated as follows:
Formulation I. From the point of view of a moving clock homebody travelers have delayed the passage of time, so when you return, they have to keep up with the hours homebody. On the other hand, with respect to the traveler moving earth, so keep up to watch homebody. In fact, the brothers are equal, therefore, after the return of their watches to show the same time.

Explanation I. The brothers are not equal, as one of them (the traveler) had stages of accelerated motion, necessary for its return to Earth.