How has the War on Terrorism brough about social change in regions and nations?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one way in which social change has been brought about by an emphasis on terrorism is the idea that shared information between nations is vital.  The emphasis on intelligence sharing becomes one of the most effective weapons against terrorism.  The war on terrorism made this understood.  The American forces that neutralized Osama Bin Laden were able to do so through careful collection of intelligence information.  They did not do so through military bravado of a large scale.  Rather, they used ground intelligence networks and sought out help from indigenous people.  I think that this only becomes possible because of the worldwide emphasis on fighting terrorism that is intrinsic to the war on terrorism. This becomes a rallying point in which nations understand the vital importance of sharing information with one another in a way that makes the world safer.  This has helped to create social change in breaking down some of the boundaries that have existed between nations and governments.  The fact that terrorism is not limited to one nation and not limited to one area helps to make this notion of intelligence sharing a plausible reality.  Terrorism is something whose destructive impacts have been present in many parts of the world.  Embracing a sense of "mutually assured destruction," social and political change have become evident as nations have been more willing to share intelligence, become more vigilant, and make a display of how terrorism is not something that is going t be tolerated on the world stage.  It is here where the efforts against terrorism have had some tangible benefit to the fight against it.

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