Is there any political Cold War between Advani and Modi for the party leadership succession ? Pushing Modi out was firmly opposed by senior party leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishan Advani. Interestingly, Advani and Modi are currently in the midst of their own political Cold War, as the battle for the party leadership succession heats up.There is, of course, plenty of time to go before the next election, but Modi’s potential candidature has already received the approval of one section of BJP leaders. They believe that despite Modi’s image having taken a hit over his handling of the Gujarat riots, the state’s rapid economic growth will impress the country’s middle class, which is fed up with corruption and poor governance.

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I certainly think that there might be some animosity between both leaders.  Being one of the largest political parties in India with so much at stake, there will always be infighting between leaders of such an entity.  However, I think that another take on the antagonism between both might be that there is no such animosity.  The BJP understands that the Congress Party is vulnerable because of the rampant corruption and the public outrage with it.  The positing of Modi as a hard- liner and the perception of Advani as more moderate, forcing out the perceived reactionary element, might be a way to pivot him as  a Prime Ministerial and more mainstream candidate.  Some believe that the BJP believe that the only way to make Advani more palatable by the Indian public is to make him someone who is able to make and forge consensus and the only way to do this is to create someone within his party that can allow him to pivot towards a mainstream perspective.  There is a thought that the tension between both leaders is staged by the BJP, in the hopes of gaining a foothold for the Prime Minister position.  This has become a reality that the Congress party has to confront.

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