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Are there any "perfect societies" in our world?  

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First of all, it would be very difficult to answer this question objectively because people will often disagree on the definition of a perfect society.  One person might think a perfect society is one in which there is almost no government and the people have practically unlimited freedom.  Another might think a perfect society is one in which all people are equal.  A third might think that a perfect society would be one in which the rules of a specific religion are followed to the letter.  Of course, no one society would be perfect in the minds of all these people. Because of this, we would surely be unable to identify a society that everyone would think was perfect.

I would also argue, however, that no society can ever be perfect by any definition.  This is because human beings are fallible as well as stubborn and selfish. Because we humans are fallible, we could never write rules for a society that would be perfect. For example, when the US Constitution was written, it did not specify that women should have rights and it allowed slavery.  Even if we were to write perfect rules for our society, it would still not be perfect. Whenever we have a large number of people living together (as we would in a society), we will have people who will not want to follow the rules.  This means that even a society with perfect rules will be imperfect.

For these reasons, I do not believe that there is a perfect society anywhere in the world.  I do not believe any person would feel their society is perfect and, even if they did, many other people would disagree with them.  Thus, we cannot have a society that people will agree is perfect.

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