Are there any parallels to more recent or current conflicts to the Boer War?

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To answer this, you need to think about what the main characteristics of the Boer War were.  You can see it as A) simply a war that was, at least in part, a guerrilla war and/or as B) a war between a group of people and a foreign empire that was trying to conquer them.

It is much easier to find parallels to the guerrilla aspect of the Boer War.  The conflicts between the US/NATO in Afghanistan and the US and insurgents in Iraq could both be seen as similar to the Boer War in this way.  The Vietnam War may or may not be recent in your opinion, but it was also at least partly a guerrilla war.  It was also similar in that the US created "strategic hamlets" in which to concentrate the local populace to keep them from helping the guerrillas.

As far as a local people fighting to keep their independence, there is not really any current conflict that comes to mind unless you think that the Western actions in Iraq and/or Afghanistan are examples of the US trying to incorporate those countries into their empire (it is in my opinion very difficult to make an argument for this point of view).

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