Is there any other way to make glucose out of sucrose than using an enzymatic process? like maybe using heat? If so can you elaborate? 

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On hydrolysis with dilute acids sucrose yields an equimolecular mixture of glucose and fructose.

C12H22O11 + H2O –--HCl(catalyst)--> C6H12O6 (D+Glucose) + C6H12O6(D–Fructose)

Sucrose is dextrorotatory. D–fructose has a greater specific rotation value than D+glucose, the resulting mixture is thus laevorotatory. Here a dextrorotatory sugar hydrolyzes to produce a laevorotatory mixture hence the process is also known as inversion of sugar and the mixture is known as invert sugar. Individual components can be purified from this mixture through a simple step. Other acids, even lemon juice also catalyses this conversion. 

Later on an enzyme, called invertase which is found in yeast, was also found to accomplish the same job, in a cleaner way.


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