Are there any new energy sources on which research is going on?Are there any new energy sources on which research is going on?

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An interesting one which I heard about recently is harnessing the heat of the sun in areas of the earth like the Sahara desert by allowing it to heat up water which can produce energy. I haven't heard much more about this though. There is clearly MUCH work to be done in this area.

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Definitely developing Hydrogen as a fuel from the electrolysis of water is being researched. If it can be done inexpensively, it would be the answer to our energy needs. Water is plentiful and therefore there would be an endless supply of Hydrogen. It is also a non-polluting energy source.

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There is increasing research and use of solar and wind energy, funded by some of Americas largest corporations. Being "green" is so popular right now that alternative energies are getting more and more attention and money. One other source that has not had a lot of research in the past but is growing is geothermal. One source that has been researched heavily but is now out of favor is nuclear.

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There are many new kinds of energy on which research is being done.

One promising one uses algae to create oil.  The great thing about this one is that the algae feed on carbon dioxide and metabolize it into oil.  That would give renewable oil and be a way to get rid of carbon dioxide as well.

There are also experiments going on with waste-to-energy plants that use a process called plasma arc gasification.

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With the rapid depletion in conventional sources of energy like those obtained from fossil fuels, a lot of research is being carried out to identify other sources of energy and make their use technologically and financially viable.

A few examples are those based on solar power directly and indirectly. Sunlight can be used directly with the use of solar cells, and with alternate methods that involve storing the heat in underground water sources, using the heat to split compounds and then use them as fuels.

The sources that allow collecting solar energy indirectly include wind power, tidal power and the use of biomass.

In addition to these relatively common sources are attempts to tap geothermal sources, which involve collecting heat from the molten core beneath the solid ground we live on. This can be done in many ways and efforts are on to develop them.

Generating energy using fusion reactions is something that has had scientists working on for over 50 years now. Though we are still far from actually being able to harness this, if we succeed, it could end all our energy crises.

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One unconventional renewable resource is landfill gases.  A sanitary landfill produces a lot of methane gas that is usually vented into the air.  Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 20X more potent than CO2 something we would like to avoid adding to the atmosphere.  To find a solution, the gas is captured and used like natural gas.  It is a great way to use an undesired byproduct and better for the Earth.  The EPA website has more detailed information about harnessing this renewable energy source.

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yes that depend on the countries to have money to save them


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Related to the acuity of the problem of global energy crisis and the impossibility of finding a radical solution to this crisis, through various means, such as using solar, wind or thermal  energy sources, there is often the proposal to use the energy of physical vacuum. Among theoretical physicists there are, in this respect, two different points of view.

The first opinion is limited to the assertion that since the physical vacuum is an object with minimum energy, then the problem of getting energy from the physical vacuum is meaningless.

The second point of view starts from the fact that the oscillators that don't interact are phenomena of physical vacuum that  have infinite energy.

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Jatropha (Jatropha integerrima)  is a plant which is being grown and researched for production of biofuels . several species including Jatropha curcas seeds are refined for the production of biodiesel in philipines.

Jatropha curcas grows  perennially and is yet to be domesticated and thus its cormercial production especially through farming has not been achieved. Several countries especially in south America have really intensified its research ie in Brazil

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Yeah there is a really important research of new energy sources, 1 in spain big facilities are trying to make hi-oil by some alges and the process that makes it,isnt harmfull for the eniroment even it helps the enviroment.

2 theres an idea on combining solor cells with plants, to increase the power output.

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