Are there any myths (that explain how things came to be, e.g. creation myths) that are from Seychelles? 

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Seychelles consist of 115 islands. These islands are considered as part of the continent of Africa. Influenced by French, English, and Creole, the islands possess many different superstitions and folklore. After a somewhat exhaustive search, there does not seem to be any verifiable creation myths regarding the Seychelles. One creation myth which was found spoke of God (Christian) having many diamonds left after creating the world. Once revisiting Africa, God thought that the diamonds would be beautiful off the coast. He threw the diamonds into the ocean and the Seychelles were formed. (This myth was found on a tourism website. Unfortunately, this myth was not found anywhere else.)

Although no creation myths could be found, the islanders do believe in many different superstitions and folklore. These superstitions were passed down through storytelling. One of the most renowned myths is the killing of slaves by pirates. The ghosts of the slaves would protect the treasure of the pirates.

Another superstition tells parents not to allow their newborns to look at a mirror. If the infant does so, he or she will not grow teeth.

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