Is there any lesson that we can learn from The Grapes of Wrath?

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We can learn that, in some situations, the working class has to organize to overcome the power of the moneyed class that controls business. In The Grapes of Wrath the workers do not make any progress until they force the landowners and business owners to pay them higher wages by going on strike.

It seems to me one of the lessons of this novel is the ability to give even when you have virtually nothing. Time after time, people who are barely eking out a living are the ones who have the most compassion and do the most giving. It is a good reminder that giving is not dependent on possessions and circumstances.

I completely agree with all the ideas expressed above. There is clearly so much we can learn from this wonderful novel. However, one of the key lessons that this book teaches us is that there is a profound link between man and land. We are shown the turmoil and disaster that occurs when the Joad family are uprooted from their land - their home - and are left without land and are forced...

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