Are there any influences that affect the way we talk, think, or act?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many influences on the way we talk, think and act.  Those influences can be physiological -- in effect, the way we are wired internally -- part of which can be genetic, or they can be more environmental, meaning the way our behavior is influenced by our parents, employer, friends, teachers, etc.

Parents are the most important influences on how their children develop emotionally and socially.  They set the tone for how open children are to new experiences, what kind of language they use, and how they approach everyday tasks.  Parents set examples and provide guidance that shapes children during their formative years.  As the children grow and are exposed to more outside influences, teachers and friends become more influential in how we talk, act and think.  Friends who adopt a particular type of slang will influence how others speak.  Friends who like particular types of music will influence the musical preferences of others.

In addition to these types of influences, the effect of television, radio and marketing can influence how we talk, act and think.  Whether subliminally or more overtly, speech patterns, personal hygiene, choices in clothing, and foods consumed can and often are influenced by what people see on television or hear on the radio.  The reason businesses spend so much money on advertising is for the purpose of influencing our decisions.

Elected leaders can also influence behavior.  A well-respected leader will influence the thought processes of those to whom he or she appeals.  If that leader stands for a particular policy, others will look to that leader for guidance.  American presidents are persuasive individuals who lead through their words and actions, which affects how people think, talk and act.

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