Are there any implications or problems that are related to vision and accommodation?

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There are many problems and implications associated with vision, or eyesight, too many, in fact, to properly be discussed here.  So I shall concentrate of a few of the basics.  First of all, we don't see objects or things around us, our eyes gather the visible light reflected off these objects and focus the light into an image, which is then fed through the optical nerve to the brain, where the brain makes the call as to what we have seen.  The two largest problems people have with eyesight is a situation of being "nearsighted" or "farsighted".  People who are nearsighted can only see things close to them.  This is because the general structure of the eye is not correct in terms of length to properly focus the image on the back of the eye.  The same thing occurs with people who are farsighted, but in reverse.  They can not see things close up, but can see things far away.  Both these problems may be corrected with proper diagnosis, analysis, and a good pair of glasses or contact lenses.  I was nearsighted until just recently, and had to wear corrective lenses my whole life.  I was diagnosed with having cataracts in the lenses of my eyes, which blurred the incoming light, making it difficult to see.  The best way to describe it was a "blurry" effect, like something was in my eye, but I could not clear it away.  I underwent an optical surgery on both eyes, where they made a tiny incison in the eyeball, removed my defective lenses and replaced them with artificial lenses.  Now I have super long-range vision, and only require reading glasses to see things very close to me.


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