Are there any historical facts that are proven with historical evidences such as quotes, photos, etc.?   

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In historical research, photos and primary source writings/quotes can be extremely helpful when establishing facts in history.  Photos and quotes are two types of primary sources.  All known historical information is sourced from either primary or secondary sources.  While some topics are widely recorded in secondary sources, such as wars and historical figures, others are less documented.  It is these less documented topics which can be researched using other primary sources.  We can look at photographs to learn about fashion, technology, architecture, etc. in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Quotes sourced from letters and journal entries also provide insight into how daily life was in historical times.  When doing extensive historical research, one must look at both primary and secondary sources.  Secondary sources may provide an overview of a historical topic, while primary sources can give insight into more specific details.

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