Is there any hint of incest in Hamlet between Ophelia and Laertes? Like Webster's The Duchess of Malfi, does Shakespeare's Hamlet portray an incestual feeling inside the brother for the sister somehow?

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The incest themes that are most often noted are between Claudius and Gertrude, and Gertrude and Hamlet. Claudius and Gertrude are considered incestuous by Hamlet's father's ghost because Claudius was Gertrude's brother-in-law, or brother by marriage. Thanks to dear old dad's unkind comments about mom, Hamlet becomes unnaturally fixated with his mom's sex life which is a form of incest. More subtly, it can be argued that there are incestuous overtones between Ophelia and Laertes, more notably from Laertes. Laertes was at times a bit flirty with Ophelia when speaking with her, as he used sexually explicit terms with her (which was surprising given how much her father and her brother strove to keep her from harsher elements of the world) and he jumps into her grave so that he could hold her in his arms.

Yes, I believe there are subtle overtones of incest between the pair in Hamlet .  Remember, Laertes is a foil for Hamlet, a more passionate double of the Prince.  What one says or does speaks...

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