Are there any grammatical errors in my essay or any prounciation errors or sentence structure errors or too much wordiness if so show me or any other types of errors in my essay if so can you all please fix them for me and show me because I might be overlooking these types of issues in my essay! Here is my essay: The field of Liberal arts teaches people the mysterious and hidden parts of human nature and the impact that people have on each other....  [Removed by Staff to safeguard student work.]

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While this is somewhat to one side of enote’s function, since you are a premium subscriber, I will try to correct your essay.  This practice is called “copyediting” (not involving content or rhetoric), and a copyeditor usually follows the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS).  Besides following the “rules” of grammar, the copyeditor also brings consistency to the text.  In your case, the slight “corrections” I made serve to clarify some ambiguities, avoid recursive reading (starting a sentence over), and bring focus on the subject.  All in all, it is a good piece of writing, with some room for stronger argumentative structures.  See if your paragraphing follows good essay practices, and state your point of view a little more clearly in the first paragraph.

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