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What are some good quotes about Odysseus being a hero who thinks things through in the Iliad by Homer?

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Odysseus is a prominent figure in the story about his journey home after the Trojan War, The Odyssey; however, he is merely a supporting character in the Iliad by Homer. When we do see him, he is generally described as being "godlike" or somehow connected to the gods because of his wisdom or bravery. 

In book three of the epic story, Odysseus is being compared to Menelaus, a man who is imposing and impressive physically. Both he and Odysseus visited Antenor on a mission to arrange for the return of Helen, and Antenor talks about that visit here as he and others watch the preparations for the great duel, below the tower. 

But when the other [Menelaos] drove to his feet, resourceful Odysseus,
he would just stand and stare down, eyes fixed on the ground beneath him,
nor would he gesture with the staff backward and forward, but hold it
clutched hard in front of him, like any man who knows nothing.
Yes, you would call him a sullen man, and a fool likewise.
But when he let the great voice go from...

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