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Is there any figurative language in the poem "Fog Galleon" by Yusef Komunyakaa?

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The poem "Fog Galleon" is chock full of figurative language!  One might say Yusef Komunyakaa meant this poem to be a feast for the senses, both literary and beyond.  Let's go line by line in the twenty-four line poem.

Line 1 starts off with a metaphor, speaking of "Horse-headed clouds..."  This comparison of clouds to horses begins the imagery for the entirety of the poem, as the speaker describes a suffocating world throughout his ride in the taxi. The speaker's imagination runs wild as he sees these drab surroundings as stifling and weary.  In fact, the metaphor of the cloud permeates the entire poem with words such as phosphorescence, residue, phantom, and steamy.  This is called extended metaphor.  It is when a metaphor continues not just for...

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