What occurred during the 1930s in britain during world war 2? 

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

September 30, 1930. British Prime Minister Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler in Munich.  The result was to more or less turn over Czechoslovakia to Hitler in exchange for peace. Didn't work for long.

August 1939 -- Britain and Poland sign a mutual assistance treaty.

September 3, 1939 -- Britain declares war on Germany

September 4, 1939 -- British air force attacks German navy. 

Early 1930's Britain was in the middle of their own Great Depression and unemployment crisis.  

September 1931 -- The Invergordon Mutiny.  For two days ships of the Royal Navy were in open mutiny because sailors' pay had been cut. 

Election of 1931 elects Neville Chamberlain chancellor.  

1936 BBC television service starts up.   The BBC had been around before that. 1920 to be exact. And service was suspended, due to the war, in 1939.  It wasn't resumed again until 1946.