Is there extra terrestrial life in outer space?

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We may be on the verge of finally discovering life elsewhere, and that extra terrestrial life may be near or on our neighboring planets. The recent landings on Mars have confirmed that water has and does exist on the planet (for that matter, water in the form of ice has also been discovered in deep fissures on the Moon.)  One of the large moons of Jupiter, Europa, although covered in ice, may be warm enough in its interior for water to be liquid -- liquid water being a strong prerequisite to finding life as we understand it, meaning something that bases its life functions on organic or carbon chemistry.  The chances are good that we will soon find some kind of bacteria or virus outside of the Earth in our own Solar System backyard.

Finding intelligent life -- that's another matter.  Statistically, it most likely exists, but we may never know if it does, as space is so large that an intelligent advanced civilization may never be able to communicate with us.  Many billions of light years away, there may be a culture wondering the same thing about us.  Will we ever find each other? Time will tell!

astrosonuthird | Student

Yes! there may be there or may not be.



It is said that the planet Kepler 22b has life supporting gasses like oxygen and it is said that there is even water by looking at its surface.


So, it is partially correct to say that there is life in outer space.

aaaaaaaa | Student

I belive that with the amount of other space and nearly endless worlds around us, that there is such a slim chance that there is not life somewhere else that the assumption should be that there is.  Do not forget, it is much easiser to ask why, then why not.