Are there any examples of The Stork being corrupt in the text?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Stork is one of four corrupt landlords of the village or town of Laxmangarh.  He is a notable character in the "The White Tiger" because he becomes Balram's employer for quite some time.  Balram is one of his drivers.  On the legal side of things, he does own the river and sees it as his duty to collect taxes from the fishermen and boaters.  That is not exactly huge corruption, but as the reader continues, the reader learns that The Stork has shady dealings with just about everybody.  He taxes others, but he himself practices tax evasion.  He bribes local government authorities to help ensure the success of his businesses, and he steals coal from the government owned mines.  He likely has a cadre of dirty police officers on his payroll too, which would explain how he got Balram out of potential jail time. Balram does eventually kill The Stork's son, and Balram is convinced that in retaliation The Stork killed all of Balram's family.