Are there any examples of anecdotes, allusions, analogies, or irony in this book?  I need help ASAP!!!

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There are definitely examples of each of the four literary terms you mentioned (anecdotes, allusions, analogies, and irony) in the novel   Into the Wild.  Irony plays a powerful role in the story of Christopher McCandless; his death in the Alaskan wilderness is incredibly ironic.  McCandless worked and longed for so long to reach a place of solitude in the Alaskan setting, yet his presence there resulted in his death.  That, in and of itself, is an irony.  It appears that, prior to his death, McCandless recognized his innate need for love, yet he had placed himself in a situation that would not allow him to act upon that recognition.  It is also ironic that, had McCandless simply researched what would become his surroundings in the wild and accepted information, he probably would have been aware of a means by which he could have survived his ordeal.