In Eveline, from Dubliners by James Joyce, is there any evidence to suggest that Frank was from Ireland?Explain.

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Eveline is one of the short stories from James Joyce's Dubliners. Eveline dreams of escaping her hard life where she has little prospect of a successful future. She is nineteen but is still afraid of her father's harshness and worries that he may hit her. Frank gives Eveline some hope for a better life, where she will be respected and "would not be treated as her mother had been." Eveline's mother had died when she was a child and she has shouldered much responsibility since then.

Frank is a good man who Eveline gets to know and, as a sailor, he has had many experiences at sea and in foreign countries. She feels happy to have "a fellow" and is planning to go away with him to Buenos Aires where he has been before and has set up a life. He has "come over to the old country just for a holiday." 

The "old country" refers to the fact that Frank is from Ireland but he, too, knows there are no prospects there and is confident that he can take his "Poppen" away to a better life.