Is there any evidence of a Returned Serviceman being cured of long term Combat Neurosis?By 'cure' refers to no more reliance on medication or Psychiatric Treatment.

iklan100 | Student

Various types of combat neuroses such as Post Traumatic Stress and Combat Stress Reaction etc are the outcome of various war/combat related situations, increasingly today for all combatants and non-combatants-- although soldiers who have been in war conditions are the most commonly diagnosed. In the USA, whilst this area of medical/psychological science was somewhat neglected during the World Wars, from the time of the Korean War to the present-day Afghanistan conflict quite some attention has been paid to helping ex soldiers out of such mental/behavioural conditions.

I do not know if there is any study or data to show how many ex servicemen of the USA (or elsewhere) have in fact ever come out totally, even ending reliance/dependence on medication, for good. Yet, there have been several reported cases in this regard.

The wiki link below and other information migh perhaps be helpful in putting things in this regard into a proper perspective for you. Good luck.

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