Is there any evidence for Christianity?I would like to know

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noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suppose that this question is actually wondering about whether proof exists that Jesus Christ existed as a physical human being on planet Earth. There's no doubt that Christianity and Christians have existed since the first century CE. We have plenty of non-biblical evidence that shows that the Romans were having to figure out how to deal with this new religious sect. For example, Roman emperor Nero blamed the horrific fire that broke out in Rome in 64 CE on the Christians. Letters exchanged between Pliny the Younger and the emperor Trajan also show without doubt that Christians were alive and well on this planet.

As for the actual, physical, historical presence on planet Earth of a person named Jesus Christ that is a far more controversial subject. Most of our evidence for an actual historical Jesus comes from the authors whose works have been collected in the Bible. Because modern people sometimes regard these authors as heavily biased, they reject the possibility of an actual, historical Jesus.

Outside of biblical sources, we do find a few references in "pagan" sources to Jesus (e.g., in the Roman historian Tacitus), but because this evidence is so sparse, nay-sayers also tend to discount it.

I would say that there's no compelling reason for us to doubt the existence of an actual historical Jesus, who lived in the early first century CE. The obvious issues, though, regarding his birth as the son of God from the Virgin Mary and his resurrection from the dead are aspects of his life that we cannot scientifically verify given the current state of our evidence. Perhaps that is why it's called the Christian faith, and not the Christian fact.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I take it that you are asking whether there is evidence that Christianity is the true religion.  If so, there is not, largely because there is no evidence that any religion is true.

Christianity's main claim is that Jesus was the son of God, sent down to redeem humanity from its sins.  Historians agree that the Bible is strong enough evidence that there was a person named Jesus who preached in Israel and was executed by crucifixion.  However, that does not provide evidence that the rest of it is true.

So Jesus existed.  But was he the son of God?  That is impossible to prove because it is impossible to prove that there is a god or gods.

Proof and evidence, outside the realm of individual feelings and faith, is not really what religion is about.

xbbe | Student

Of course there is!!! Jesus did really exist, and he sure did some mirales but is he really the son of God? Personnally, i am chritian so i do believe it... :-)

dylanellies123 | Student

Yes, the religion of christananity is real and has been for thousands of years. What christans BELIEVE in has not been proven. Some will argue with this notion by saying "how come i have seen someone being possesed?" or stuff like that, this could actually mean someone is having a siesure! also when people say "faith, you just need to believe..." i say, that is not a fact what so ever, thats why the word is called FAITH. that concludes my answer to you,  the religion of christananity is real, however the religion has not been proven. hope this helps :)