Are there any dominant religious beliefs of the culture in the novel We by Yevgeny Zamyatin? If so, how do they appear in the text? Along these lines, discuss any dominant philosophical ideals reflected in the text.

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Zamyatin's seminal anti-utopian novel is a picture of a dehumanized world, one in which traditional forms of religious belief have vanished. This does not mean, of course, that "religion" does not still exist in a different form in this futuristic tale.

Like Orwell's 1984, which was somewhat derivative of the Zamyatin work—Orwell had read it and written a review of it—We depicts a society in which worship of the state has become the religion. The population in general behaves like automatons, and those with "heretical" thoughts, meaning any questioning of the infallibility of the One State, are subject to arrest and a form of "re-education." Winston's fate in 1984 is like that of D-503 in We, though D-503's re-indoctrination goes even further, since he is subjected to a procedure similar to a lobotomy in order to extinguish his nonconformity and make him a compliant worshiper of the state.

We, along with Jack London's The Iron Heel, can be seen to have set the tone not just for 1984 but most of...

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