Are there any critical readings or interviews or other online resources on this poet/writer (Omer Tarin), please, available here? Thanks.

iklan100 | Student

Hello, I presume from your tags (as you havent metioned in the main question/query) that by 'this poet/writer' you mean Omer Tarin, the Pakistani poet, writer/scholar and mystic ?

There aren't too many critical works online about most Pakistani writers alas, although you can sometimes find printed matter in various good libraries.

I have mentioned/talked about this in detail in another earlier query, which im sure you can dig this up in the ''Related Questions'' (blue) box to the right here. But I am now giving some links again, below, which might be of some possible use or help in your quest/search for work about this fine writer. One is about a specific collection, and one is a recent interview of the poet himself, rather detailed and unique, about his writing process and all. Good luck.

auk420 | Student

Dear sir, I am very sorry! Thank you, very clear and shall also see the related questions and links here.