Is there any context about Pride and Prejudice?

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Your quesiton isn't very specific, but maybe the links below will help.

priyaansh | Student

of course there is or i should say there are..but mainly the social context can be clearly seen.austen has given us a clear picture of the society of that time.the 'hunt' for a rich husband class distinction and image of the fair sex- all these factors were present at that time, that's why they have found an important place in the austen's novels.her sense and sensibility is also written in the same can find the place of woman in the conversation of elizabeth and darcy and the tension that mrs. bennet has about the marriage of her daughter.numerous balls and the militia also tell us about the society of that time and the society to which austen belong is clearly reflected in the novel..

i dont think we can find any book without context.consciously or unconsciously this context facter always finds a place in next time please dont say-Is there any context about....

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