Are there any conflicts for man vs society in "The Most Dangerous Game"?  

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several types of conflict in the story "The Most Dangerous Game," but man vs society is not one of the conflicts.  There is a man vs. man conflict, and the best evidence for that is the cat and mouse game that Rainsford and Zaroff are involved in.   

There is man vs. nature in the story.  That conflict applies to both Rainsford and Zaroff.  The island is a dangerous place.  It's more dangerous to Rainsford because he doesn't know the island that well, but he is able to turn the island against Zaroff as well.  

The story also has a man vs. self conflict.  Rainsford has to wrestle with his own morals and ideals about the concept of hunting and killing another human being.  

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