Is there any comparison between Benazir Bhutto and Indira Gandhi?Is a comparative study of their eras and lifetimes possible or not?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous post did a very nice and thorough job in distilling both leaders' attributes.  If I could offer one more thought, it would be that both leaders were seen, to an extent, as the embodiment of their nations' respective promises and possibilities.  In both of their names being inextricably linked to each nation's history, there is a great deal of symbolism involved with both.  Indira Gandhi was seen as symbolic of India's link between a proud past and confident future.  She did much to engender this idea as being the embodiment of modernism at a time when this was seen as rather cutting edge and new.  At the same time, Bhutto's emergence at the time of her death symbolized a hopeful promise of democratic hope in the wake of the Musharraf rule.  Her ascendancy to power at that time was one that attempted to link itself symbolically to the groundswell of the people's voice through her own.

shml | Student

Well Dont u think that If we focused women leadership (in reference of Pakistan and India) Indra Gandhi and B.Bhutto are the only prominent women leaders of that region, so there comparison is reasonable research.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Benazir Bhutto and Indira Gandhi, who have been prime minister of two neighboring countries, Pakistan and India respectively, do have some similarities in trivial matters, but not much similarities in their personalities or their political achievements.

The similarities are mostly limited to the facts that both were daughters of prime ministers of their respective countries, and both were assassinated by terrorist groups within their countries.

Beyond the above referred similarities, which have no bearing either on their personal abilities or their achievement as politicians, the two are quite different. Indira Gandhi Has been highly successful Prime Minister, and took many bold decisions and actions that have helped India move against path of progress. Major achievements of Indira Gandhi include, abolition of privy purses and special privilages of erstwhile princes of independent states that existed under British Protection, and nationalization of major banks and industries. Indira Gandhi's actions in imposing emergency rule in India, definitely smacks of attempts to impose totalitarian rule, which cannot be condoned. However the action definitely illustrates the boldness of Indira Gandhi. Further, By restoring democratic rule after the emergency, she cleared herself from the suspicions of dictatorial ambitions. In contrast, Benazir Bhutto has no such major achievements to her credit.

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