Is there an example of irony in the story?

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There is a striking example of irony in "The Birds" which involves Mrs Trigg, the farmer's wife. Early in the story, Mrs Trigg makes fun of Nat when he tells her about the birds' terrifying attack on his family. In fact, she implies that Nat may have dreamt or imagined the whole thing:

“Sure they were real birds,” she said, smiling, “with proper feathers and all? Not the funny-shaped kind that the men see after closing hours on a Saturday night?”

Her disbelief is ironic because, later in the story, she is killed in an attack which is almost identical to the one at Nat's house, the one which she was so quick to mock. When Nat finds her body, for example, she is lay down in the bedroom with a broken umbrella lying next to her.

Her death is thus tinged with a tragic irony and provides a warning to the reader to never underestimate the power of nature.

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