"There is always a right time and a wrong time for introducing something new": comment.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The statement given is, of course, true.  However, it is never easy (if, indeed, it is possible) for a firm to know ahead of time whether a given time is the right time or the wrong time to introduce a new product or a new process.

For example, it is generally not a good idea to introduce a new luxury product right before a recession occurs.  However, there is no really good way for a firm to know for sure whether a recession is about to hit.  As another example of this, the year 2008 would have been a good time for various American automakers to roll out new cars that got good gas mileage.  This was the summer during which gas prices spiked in the US.  However, there was no real way for automakers to anticipate this.

Because of factors like these, the timing of innovations is very hard to get right.  There is a right time and a wrong time, but those times are exceedingly hard to predict.

nicolelove33 | Student

it's true because depending on the situation, it's okay or not okay to try something new. for example, it's good to try something new if it's food. like if you have never tried sushi before and you're at a sushi place with friends, then it's a great time to try sushi! an example of a bad time to try new things is when you're with friends who are 18 and older and you are under 18 and they are smoking cigarettes and they ask you to try one. that's a bad time to try it because first of all you're under the legal age of smoking, and second of all it's bad for you anyway so it's not good to try that.