There are 96,500 Coulombs per mole of electrons and 1 mole = 6.02 x 10^23 electrons, how many coulombs are there for 100 electrons?

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The given are:

96 500 Coulombs = 1 mole   and  1 mole = `6.02xx10^23` electrons  

And to determine the number of Coulombs in 100 electrons, use the method of converting one unit to another unit.

To do so, use the given above as conversion factors. So,

`100 el e ctrons xx (1 mo l e)/(6.02xx10^23 el e ctrons)xx(96500 Co u l umbs)/(1 m o l e)`

`= 1.6xx10^(-17) Co u lombs`

Hence, there are `1.6xx10^(-17)` Coulombs in 100 electrons.   

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