In And Then There Were None which characters are static and which are dynamic?

Expert Answers
caitlinm3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The dynamic characters in this novel are:

Vera Claythorne - She is a very intelligent, capable, and independent woman. However, she also displays weakness as she suffers from panic and hysteria attacks because of the current situation on the island, but also from feeling guilty about her own past. She gets extremely nervous at times and when she does act guilty, it's because of a crime she committed before she reached the island.

Phillip Lombard - A mysterious and smart man, he ends up having feelings for Vera and has private conversations with her. However, he underestimates her abilities and how resourceful she can be. This ends up causing problems for him.

William Blore - He acts very bold and often takes the initiative on the island, but makes a lot of mistakes when he accuses the wrong people of murder.

Mr. Rogers - The butler remains calm in order to continue his job professionally, even though his wife is found dead. He and his wife are accused of killing their former employer.

Mrs. Rogers - She is very frail and weak. When Tony Marston dies, she faints. Wargrave thinks Mrs. Rogers is controlled by her husband, Mr. Rogers.

The static characters in the book are:

Emily Brent - An older woman who reads her Bible every day, Emily is extremely confident in herself and does not show any remorse for her actions.

Justice Wargrave - A natural leader in the group, he is good with evidence, getting together searches, and makes sure weapons are kept safe. He is a very even and confident man, which makes it difficult for the others to see him as a murderer.

Hope this helps! Good luck. Such a great read!