Themes/SymbolsHey guys! I need help for a school project. I'm supposed to come up with a list of themes/symbols from The Hunger Games books. I know that fire and the mockingjay are some, but does...


Hey guys! I need help for a school project. I'm supposed to come up with a list of themes/symbols from The Hunger Games books. I know that fire and the mockingjay are some, but does anyone else have some good ones?


Thanks for your help!


Just out of curiousity: who is everyone's favorite character? Team Peeta or Team Gale?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that Katniss' bow is a symbol. Her bow gives her strength. Whenever Katniss has her bow, she is invincible.

Outside of that, the games themselves represent oppression. As seen in later novels of the series, the games are questioned based upon the oppression they place on the tributes and the districts alike.

As for my team? Go Peeta!

kimbers-indo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What of the genetically engineered wasps? Is the author's use of Roman names for characters in District 1 symbolic? Isn't each district symbolised by something?

IE Find your own - symbols are not fixed; they tend to be configured by readers.

Another concept you might like to explore is that of the metonym.

Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the theme of protector is prevalent throught the book.  Katniss first steps up to protect Prim, Peeta protects Katniss in the arena, Cinna protects Katniss's image, Haymitch protects Kat and Peeta in the arena and so forth.

Ironically, many of the roles of protection switch during the course of the series.

gabrielle720 | Student

ThemesAcceptance. Read deeply into Katniss and Cinna - Cinna quickly becoming the only person she trusts that is from the Capitol. Cinna too, makes her a Mockingjay - not by force but through her own influence on people he has come to admire himself. He accepts her too, he says to her he will always "bet on her" in the Games, and after. 

Death: or more so "reaction to death". Notice Katniss' mom and her depression, abandoning them until Katniss is carted off to the Games. Katniss, and Rue's death, and her District 12 salute she gave to Rue's body - even saying thank you to District 11 when they send her bread.

And Katniss pleading for her own life, knowing she, with all her archery skill and quick intellect, couldn't stand a chance against Tresh's rage and brute force at the point of their combat in the Games - that she mentions Rue how she let her lie in flowers for a grave before the Capitol took her body away because she was desperate for her life and trying to prove she was not like the others.


gabrielle720 | Student

Symbols. The dendelion, a strong link to Katniss' beloved late father, is a connection between both Katniss and Peeta 'the boy with the bread' and Gale, whom she meets after she associates the dandelion with her newfound determination for survival and started to hunt in the woods. 

The Mockingjay - in the book the pin is gifted to her by her first girl friend - the Mayor's daughter and she never realized the meaning until the third book. She always associated it by the Capitol's Jabberjay spy project backfiring on them, birthing the new resilient species - the Mockingjays. Katniss is the Mockingjay even when she does not realize it - she is defiant and an offense to the authority that tires to control her, just as the birds - but for good reason - for survival and dignity.

khawar97 | Student

themes for The Hunger Games: Power, Versions of reality, Identity, Love

Symbols in the Hunger Games: The dandilions symbolize hope for Katniss, The Thirteen districts, mockingjay pin