ThemesCan anyone list the main themes in The Ministers Black Veil? Thank you.

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Secret sin is a key theme of Hawthorne's short story.  Tortured by the hypocrisy of Puritanism as part of his heritage, Hawthorne continually addresses the Calvinist doctrines of this ideology that effected the need for people to hide the human weaknesses of their hearts for fear of punishment and ostracism from the community.  Thus, there is also the theme alienation in "The Minister's Black Veil" as the Reverend Mr. Hooper becomes a pariah to many in his congregation after his donning of the veil on his face.

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Some themes are the consequences of being different, perception versus reality, and don't cross a line you can't come back from. I suggest the first because people's perceptions of the minister, and his perception of himself, change after he begins wearing the veil.
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