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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Okay, so theme is considered the lesson about life, human nature, and the suchlike that the author wants the reader to get from a piece of literature. There is the potential of many different themes in one piece of literature. It is also possible that different people will identify different themes based upon their life experiences, personal beliefs, and etc. The theme in literature will not be expressed as a word but as a statement. For example the theme of a story will not be expressed as love, but it could be expressed as love is painful for those who open themselves to it.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm sorry. Now what you are asking is much more clear. I would say that one of the themes of this book deals with the giant gap between the rich and the poor whether the ends one uses to span the gap in order to obtain more affluence justifies means. Certainly Balram has managed to improve his lot in life, and he hasn’t seemed to be bothered by what he has had to do in order to improve it.

valerielind | Student

I found it ironic that Balram goes through such trouble to break out of the coop (which is something he claims only a White Tiger can do) but in actuality all he was doing was moving from the group of peopel associated with the darkeness to the group of people associated with the light.

He goes through many names in the novel and finally once he "breaks out of the coop" he ends up using the name Ashock.  Ashock was the man so wrapped up in the coop he had no idea he was even in it and that was Blarams very reason for killing him. Balram never actually breaks OUT of the coop, to me it seemed as if he had dug himself further into it, and taking on this name symbolized that.

So Personaly i saw that the theme was more: "dont play into societies views, remain an individual" (the white tiger, rare, his true alias, the only name that fits the main character throughotu the novel, oce in a generation)

nashc36 | Student

i found that the extremeties that Balram had to go to to escape the "chicken coop" and "darkness" show just how immoral and corrupt modern India has become

bookbrain | Student

Thank you! That is a good theme, but I need another one now. I was thinking of something like 'Advancement is achieved only by patronage and corruption,' however, this is too similar to the last theme.

Any more ideas?

p.s. Your help is greatly appreciated

bookbrain | Student

what are some major themes in The White Tiger?