What is the theme of "A White Heron"? 

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Stories tend to contain multiple themes, often interwoven with one another, and "A White Heron" is no different on this account. An earlier Educator has already written at length on how this story reflects themes of self-discovery. To that, I would add that this story has a strong idealization of nature and of rural life.

"A White Heron" opens on a scene of Sylvie walking her cow. The cow is described as a character in her own right—Sylvie's dear companion, complete with a personality all of her own. As we proceed further into the story, we find extensive description, in which the forested surroundings come alive, including the birdsong, the trees, and the image of the heron itself. This story relishes in the beauty of nature.

That same theme is reflected in Sylvie herself, who had spent so much of her life miserable in the city but only began to flourish when she came to the countryside. In suffusing her story with these extensive descriptions conveying the beauty and wonder of...

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