Theme of the poem " A Doctor's Journal Entry for August 6,1945" ?

aszerdi | Student

"A Doctor's Journal Entry for August 6, 1945" documents the day America attacked Hiroshima with an atomic bomb. The poem begins by describing the calm, beautiful morning. The doctor was still in bed when the roof and walls of his house collapse, and his clothes are burnt off his body. He is injured, bleeding all along his right side. He calls to his wife, and they realize that they must get to a hospital. As they walk the streets they see the ghostly, mangled forms of the other inhabitants of the city. He as well as all those who have been injured in the bomb's blast are mortified and so shocked that they do not even cry because of their pain and anguish.

The predominate theme of the poem is that of the horrors and atrocites of warfare. This poem explores the horrific experiences of those who were innocent victims of a bombing that the American government during WWII saw as necessary and just. While the decision to utilize such weaponry is often rationalized, this poem stands as a monument to the terrifying psychological, physical, and human damage done in Hiroshima.