What is the theme of "Casey at the Bat"?

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Most references to the theme of Casey at the Bat describe a theme of arrogance or over confidence. In the poem, finally after other players get on base, the crowd is thrilled to see Casey at the Bat since he has a reputation as an amazing player. As Casey steps up to the plate with what the author coined "haughty grandeur" and as he passes on pitches, he comments that they are not pitches worthy of his swinging at them. As the crowd cheers him on, Casey waves and smiles at them, enjoying all the attention rather than concentrating on the game. With each pitch called a strike that Casey neglects to swing on, he appears to become more agitated. In the end, Casey strikes out and his team loses. His arrogance and over confidence have cost the team the game. 


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Ok, thank you so much, estoverl! You helped me so much on my assignment and I am so happy that you responded. Thanks again!!