The theme of hypocrisy appears in the play through different characters. Mention at least 3 characters and explain in what way they are hypocrites. The question is about the strory "All my sons"

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Jim Bayliss' wife Sue believes that Chris is a hypocrite because he talks about "higher values", while at the same time supporting his father who is guilty. Eventually, Chris realizes this and changes.

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  1. Jim's wife, Sue, believes that Chris Keller is a hypocrite as he encourages his friend, Jim Bayliss to leave his job as medical practice to work forward and pursue higher honors in the medical research industry but then, his love for his father blinded him completely from the truth and he still felt that his father was innocent to the very end. Later on, when his father was guilty as charged, he had no choice but to see his father in prison for the crime that he had committed.
  2. Kate Keller, after hearing that her husband, Joe Keller, was charged and sentenced to jail, she behaved like a insane person, the truth of Joe's guilt tortured her entire life and the pressure mounted until the breaking point and develop internal agony and hurt. She cannot accept the truth and behaved madly so that they would be compassionate and released Joe for his crime.
  3. Joe Keller ordered his workmate, Steve Deever to cover some cracks in some of the airplane's faulty parts, cover up the wields and sent them out for war to use as fighter jets to kill enemies but the planes collapsed and got destroyed and caused the deaths of many of the pilots. After witnessing the destruction that he had caused, evil gripped his heart and he had pushed the blame on Steve and got released from prison even though he was the one who was at fault and he had caused an innocent man to be in prison for the wrong act that he had done. This show that he has no guilty conscience and he is self-centered, only caring for himself but not for others.
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There is hypocrisy in 1.Joe keller when he puts the blame on Ann's father for the faulty parts in the planes just for his family without thinking of Ann's family.
2.Secondly in Kate when he known the reality about larry and the death of larry but behaves like a mad woman so that his husband that is joe does not got o jail.
3.thirdly in Chris when just to marry Ann tries to hurt his mother by trying to break her hope by convincing her that larry is dead. (Not too sure about the last one)

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