theme of how much land does a man need?

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tit is just greeding not for the land so want for amen to cut ther clotes according to their feet


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the story deoends upon the greeds of a common man....

it shows that a mna is never satisfied with the wealth he is gettin but always wants more and more....

and thus at the end in greed the god teaches him the lesson and give him the land how much his body requires to be burried....

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Its a story about a man whose greed lead him on the way of death.

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How much land a man needs is clearly dependent on the man and his surroundings. A single man will require less land than that of a family man. Land is necessary for shelter and food and work if the man seeks to be self-sustaining. Exactly how much land this will take will again require sufficient information concerning the man's family size and appetite requirements along with the climate in the man's chosen geographic area. To provide a simple answer for a simple question is to ignore the questions essential components. The question is too vague to answer in depth.