Please discuss the theme of conspiracy, deception and tickery in "Julius Caesar".

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There are many examples of this theme in JC.  First, Brutus is tricked into joining the conspiracy to murder Caesar--the other conspirators appeal to Brutus' sense of arrogance and self-worth by planting letters supposedly written by many Romans declaring that they need Brutus to help them escape the tyranny of Caesar.  Second, Caesar is tricked into attending the Senate when Decius Brutus re-interprets Calpurnia's dream putting a positive twist on it, and appealing to Caesar's greed and ambitious desire for a crown.  Third, Antony deceives the conspirators when he tells them he will not speak ill of them at Caesar's funeral.  Lastly, Antony and Octavius use deception when they let Lepidus feel as though he is an equal in the second triumvirate.  They comment that he is worthy only to carry messages and run errands.

In addition, Caesar proves to be quite astute in his instincts regarding Cassius.  He believes that Cassius is not trustworthy and dangerous, and unbenownst to him, Antony calms Caesar's fears by saying that Cassius is a noble Roman who should not be feared.

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